About Our Company
Q: What is your company philosophy?
A: We believe that poets work better under a spirit of approval rather than criticism. To that end if we do not accept your poem you simply won't hear from us, and you are welcome to give it another try with a different poem. We do not send rejection slips. We hold to the idea that most submissions are genuine efforts and treat them as such. We believe that poetry is undervalued in our society and wish to help poets get the recognition they deserve for their contributions. Indeed, poetry is the Cinderella of the Arts; and ours is an everyday challenge to help her find her glass slipper.

Read what a few of our poets had to say about us here.

Q: How long has Famous Poets been around?
A: Going on eighteen (18) years now. We've held twelve (12) conventions where poets have come to be together and share their love for poetry.

About Our Anthologies
Q: How many anthologies have you published?
A: We have published over 15 titles over the years. Our current title publishes more than once in a year now.

Q: Can I purchase an anthology later in a store?
A: We do not market the anthologies but a store may order directly from us. We recommend pre-publication ordering. We try to print enough based on pre-publication orders to keep costs down so if you think you may want a book order early, even a small downpayment will guarantee you a book. After publication we go through any extras very quickly.

About Our Free Contest
Q: Do I need to purchase anything to remain eligible for the contest?
A: No purchase is required. Your poem is in the running until contest end. If you are a winner a winners notification will be mailed to you. A winners list will be mailed to all entrants as soon as possible after the winners are notified and given their cash prizes.

About Your Poems
Q: Who owns my poem now?
A: You do. You always retain full ownership (copyright ) to the poem(s) that you send us. You should always retain your copyright with any poetry (or other writing) that you send to any company. If a company cannot - or will not - state that you own it, don't send it...unless the company is willing to pay you for it and you like the price! Go here for more information on copyrighting your poetry via the US Copyright Office.

About Contacting You
Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: You can call us at 541-897-0267. That's the quickest and easiest.

In closing, we look forward to having you in our family of famous poets and we thank you for enriching the world we live in with your poetry.

- Lavender Aurora, Poetry Editor


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