Steph Adams
Lavishing Rose

rose falls from the flirtatiously beautiful tree,
and lands gently on the lily-infused pond,
the sun dances with the roseís created ripples that caress the beautiful water.
The brightness of day quickly replaces itself with the velvety black of night,
like the beauty of my own face replaces itself, unrecognizable, as the flow of tears escape from my eyes.
My memories show the images of foolishness which Iíve displayed in the past.
I despise foolishness. I despise what Iíve shown myself as a younger me.
I move on. Alone through Earthís grass,
I consider the many generations that once lived and died within Her beautiful lands and water.
They, like all of us, have faced life. A single elimination mission.
the rose, like the other roses that lavish the tree,
and like myself, will not last forever.
But then, does everything that dies go to Heaven?
Many have said that most end leadership of a good life, yet some die after a poorly led life and go to Hell.
But is there really such ugliness in the process of death that accompanies the beauty of Heaven?
Iíve always wondered-What will happen when our Earth is no longer available to support any kind of life?
Maybe it will be nothing at all.
Or maybe we will all live immortally in Heaven forever, no matter how much of a waste it would be.
But then againÖHow long is forever?
These baffling and unanswered thoughts slip through our minds, impossible to imagine
So I guess only time can ease our wondering.


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