Shawn Beasley
Bustin' Poetry

fter crying and laughing to myself, I scratch words on the paper like a D.J.
(Scratch) hey (scratch) Iím just lookiní (scratch) Iím just looking for enlightenment.
And that doesnít come from war which humans who are naÔve receive these ideologies but still ignorant thugs goní plague societies!
You might think thatís tight and ordinary, but on contrary, anybody can end up in the mortuary.
You see the realty is your mortality can quickly become fatality.
Wow, so now my precedence is on excellence, ignorance is futile.
Oh Iíll regurgitate bile; the world and its insincerity are disgusting to me.
Legacy and destiny is why Iím busting poetry.
Bustiní Poetry.


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