Paul Daoust
Mind, Body, Spirit, and Time

n honor of my late father and family
From the hard work in the muddy fields and pastures
To the heavy milk kegs
Though the long rows of wispy fresh wheat
Dad always stood there dripping in the salt of hard work
After a long day with love, warmth, devotion and faith
For his mother, then his wife, then all of us
Even though the deep wooded suburbs of crisp fine oak
We walked and talked about life with faith
Up and down the crystal sand dunes
In the car onto a department store or blueberry field
The verse of time, our warm circle with God
We worked, talked, and understood each other
Dad always welcomed me home for dinner and talk
With gold or not, he always blessed me with wisdom
Which bestowed courage and strength
I just cannot believe he is gone, letís bring him back time and again
With all my life, his only son.


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