Richard Fjellman
Abandoned by Angels

e lost our wild woman today.
Every village has one.
With deep compassion and joyous mirth,
She spoke her truth and
Taught us to cherish our time on Earth.

Blind misfortune battered her
Until she longed for death
To free her from her pain.
Upon the frozen path less traveled
She died by her own hand, naked and alone.

A divine intercession
Has saved me more than once.
An unseen angelic hand
Has snatched my life from certain death.
Hers, so desperate to be spared, was not.

Let the drums pound, the bagpipes wail.
May her gentle soul set sail for the far Pleiades,
Or however else it may be bound.
We remain to wonder
Why one as blessed a she
Could so cruelly be abandoned by angels.


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