Billy Jack Shaw
Maiden Flight

right, lovely butterfly, resting on my knee,
What strong capricious nameless wind
Has brought you here to me?
Young, eager butterfly…fresh from your cocoon…
What urgent unknown mission made you want to fly so soon,
Made you stretch your untried fledgling wings,
Embrace each newfound breeze.
Made you venture from the flower field,
Soar beyond the boundless seas?
What burning endless searching
Sets you off in fluttering flight,
Touching tasting every blossom
-never knowing where to light-
Until you fell exhausted, trembling,
And in falling brushed my lips
Landing there upon my knee, almost at my fingertips.
Sweet lovely butterfly…how I’d wish you’d stay,
Then maybe we could fly together
And together find the way.

Brave, frightened butterfly, be not afraid of me
Stay until you want to go…You’re free.


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