Elaine Deering

Surprised by Flowers

iny, spiky flowers peek shyly up at me
From the side of the road as I walk by.
Pink pettaled posies climb the banks of the creek,
Towering over the grasses,
Bold, brave beauties all.
Bunches of goldenrod dangle from the tree branches
Like chandeliers lighting the parking lot.
Every year at this time
A flower blooms atop a cactus,
Looming into view as I round the corner.
A street vendor offers sprays of red carnations
Wrapped in cones of floral paper
As I emerge from the subway
Special today, $1 a bunch.
A long ago lover surprises me with a bouquet
Of brightly colored blossoms
Fresh and short-lived like our time together.
Surprised by flowers.
Unexpected beauty,
Briefly delights me with their arrival,
Devastates me when they wilt and die.


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