Alma W Hudson

The Realities of Love

he poets for years have drummed in our ears
That love makes the world go around
They say that the bliss of each sweetheart
Kiss is just where true love can be found
But, of what comes after can be a disaster
As many a couple can state
It's day to day living, forget and forgiving
That seals every man to his mate
The love of the moonlight, the thrill of a
June night can start pulses racing away
But, as we grow older, a welcoming shoulder
A beautiful end for a day
How precious the thoughts we remember
How lovely the memories they bring
For even in cold, cold December
Our hearts can be filled with sweet Spring
So cherish each day that God gives us
Let love rule our lives in all ways
For love's not just sweet dreams and kisses
Love rules every part of our days.


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