Pamela Evette Robinson

The Romance of the Clouds

mingled with them from afar. I watched them
Collide as they passionately embraced each other, one by one
Cloud to cloud. Fascinated as they shaped a loving bond, I cried and
Wondered, why was I feeling so sentimental?
How could I have not seen this before?
A different elegance of love, but
This time it was not down here where I stood, nor was it in the
Air, but in the sky as the clouds hovered above me.
At night as I looked up I saw the light of the moon,
How it elaborated the outer and inner curves.
The elegance of clouds well preserved, but changing continuously.
Late into the night I grew weary and sleepy.
I thought how I would never be able to introduce myself to these same clouds.
I smile and say, tomorrow is another day I look forward to seeing new love,
But for now I sleep at night while the clouds elope to places
Unknown to me.


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