Marques R Dickson
A Grand and Magnificent Illusion

hat an illusion, what a grand and magnificent illusion
Illusion of the mind, illusion of the thought
What a fantastic journey it can be, what dreams can lurk
Dreams of fantasy and dreams of reality compose a mystical light show of colors
Colors of something beautiful, colors something radiant and pure
Colors unique and intense conceive emotions that fill the emptiness
Like the stars above which die and are reborn in time
Life and death have endless beyond endless possibilities
Some conjugate evil and nightmares, others mix heaven with beauty
We are all just angels at war, at war for balance and order, at war for power and righteousness
what an illusion, what a grand and magnificent illusion!
The war between good and evil will go on forever, through heaven and hell, through time and space
Faith will decide the winner, and time will make life grow old and die
Withering away like a flower slowly dying loosing one peddle at a time until there’s no more
No more flower and no more life, and also no more tears like rain to feed the flower
The truth is the sounds of music will grow silent, and the colors of life will begin to fade
Not to worry though because new seeds of life will grow
New paintings of life will be colored, and new sounds will be created and recreated over and over…
Only because of this moment, the present, right here, right now!
Does this extravagant illusion become more than spectacular!
What an illusion what a grand and magnificent illusion!


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