April L Gannaoui
Mother, Should I Tell You?

hould I tell you what has happened? Should I tell you what Iíve done?
Should I feel this way for doing what I really havenít done?
Itís really not my fault, though I feel this way inside.
All these things in life just happened, but have taken away my pride.
I did not make him do all the things heís done to me.
But, in turn I did not stop him. I did not make him set me free.
I really do not like it. I hate it! It makes me sick!
In fact, I wish it would fall off. In truth, itís just horrific.
Maybe all of this is just one nightmare. Hopefully soon I will wake up,
And be that same happy little girl, instead of feeling so corrupt.
But none-the-less, itís not a dream. This is my lot in life,
Having no days of happiness, but of sorrow and of strife.
But maybe if I tell you of all the things heís done,
You might help me leave this living hell, before I come undone.
So please, dear God, give me strength, to tell what must be told.
And shine Your light upon me, that the truth can all unfold.


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