Mark A Hopewell
Hello Friend

ello Friend,
Itís me again.
I wanted to let you know how Iíve been.
It seems we never talk anymore,
Like youíve changed
Youíre not like before.
I filled your life with so much good.
I gave you shelter, family, and food.
Now, you donít thank me like you should.
Is that the way it works?
A friend helps a friendís life improve,
Then when he wants to talk,
The friend is rude.
I think I would act a little different,
A little more gracious and kind,
And I definitely wouldnít leave the friend behind.
But Iím not mad.
Youíll live your life how you want.
Just remember though,
I gave my life on a cross for you;
In return I expect something too.


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