Jimmie Luvert III
The Clouded Room

lemished walls of thought, halls filled pain bought
Hollow steel is not the backbone, stone face is not alone,
Four walls make a square, but in the clouded room who is there.
Can’t breathe no air circulation, locked in books,
Who’s the patient? Straight jacket no escape,
Want ads trying to get a date, my fate,
Might be the pearly gates.

But can I get in, did I miss the train, was I too late for changing lanes,
How many of us, have to deal with the pain,
Can’t wash away the feeling, standing in the rain,

Umbrella shields my head, war veterans, that are really dead,
Peace on earth, was always my plan,
Never thought that home, would be the desert sand,
Now we wait everyday, for a new outcome,
And only God knows, what will be the sum,

Is the answer to this, in an ancient tomb?
Or will the answer appear, in the clouded room…


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