Bozena Boska Marcelic
Morning on the Pacific

ood morning I told the sun
The sun that touched me with its warm golden rays
And then I said: “Good morning my beautiful ocean”
My ocean that touched me softly
I wrote on the sand Your name
The waves came and washed them away
My eyes wandered away to far away seas
Where ocean meets the sky until I was lost in its depths
My heart started to tremble I gasped for air
Then closed my eyes and surrender to you
I let you navigate me, I let you take me
You - blue pearl of my heart - a place of my happiness
Now, I know, I am sure I carved your name in my soul
It will stay there all of my life - forever, as long as you exist,
Croatia - my love
Tomorrow I will come again and tell you the same;
“Good morning my beautiful ocean”
Then I will wait for you to return to me
And embrace me again softly with your waves…


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