Orpah M Moore
A Grand and Magnificent Illusion

he minute the lover of my soul touched me I became putty in his hands.
He stirred feelings so deep within me I could not understand
His touch was like nothing I had ever felt
And from the crown of my head to the souls of my feet I began to melt
He took me in his arms and held me close and near
these are the words he whispered gently in my ear
I am the lover of your soul your life I’m about to make
shape and remold
He pushed me, pulled me, stretched me in every direction
When I asked him why he said “I’m shaping you to perfection.”
I asked him “but what is it you desire?”
It was then he stripped me bare and put me in the fire
The fire was so hot in agony I began to cry
“If you don’t stop this pain Lord, surely I will die”
He said “This trial by fire only comes to make you stronger”
“Trust me please, hold on a little longer”
Once he removed me from the fire and flames
I realize he had made me over again
He made me into someone who no longer desired to live in sin
He truly was the lover of my soul my life he did make shape and remold
Now why he did this to me I still don’t understand
I only know one touch from him and I was putty in his hands


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