Tony R O'Brien
Before I Die

ithin the sixty six books
that was inspired by your spirit
and written for the sons of mankind.
I have but one question that I must ask from my heart
that has caused my should to be in fear.

He who lived in the ancient of days
made the statement,
O Lord, do not refuse me before I die.

I beg that You understand my fear,
for there is no man that has walked upon this earth
with Your word tied to his heart
that has not become a victim to Sheol.
For I am not a fool that I should believe that my path
should be any different.
As my heart speaks,
I ask that you incline your ear to listen.
If a ship has no rudder, how shall it be guided?
and if a ship has no anchor, how can it find rest?

I am like a ship without a rudder,
I beg that you guide my heart
so that my soul will not be in fear, and that you
anchor my heart upon your word
so that I can find my rest.
And as I lie in my resting place,
I beg that you cause my soul to stand
because my greatest fear is that I give you a reason

to refuse me Before I die.


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