John W Sheppard
The Greatest Voyage

ome time, some day, just how or when, I cannot say,
I shall unbind my moorings, set my course, tack, and sail away.
And just as the shade of night slips in, at the close of day,
Silently, on a quiet, gentle breeze, I’ll venture beyond the horizon, yet be not afraid.

And as the skiffs that anchored ‘round me, move in rhythm, to and fro,
Some time, some day, in that certain moment, my final wind shall blow.
Ah yes, there will be some who’ve known me, who will feel dismay,
Those who will miss my familiar vessel, and our sailings, around our friendly bay.

Some whose schooners have been anchored near, for many years,
Will grieve my last passage, and say “He’s gone!,” and shed their tears.
But grieve not long!, for I have begun my greatest voyage, a new adventure,
Bound for a new safe harbor, sheltered from all of life’s storms, and secure.

Near journey’s end, I see brilliant white lights, and sense my Captain, has made a special place for me.
A beautiful home, a haven of rest, down by the water’s edge, bounded by His beautiful Crystal Sea.
And when I arrive, I’ll be greeted by the ones I knew, who’ve sailed this route before,
This course, uncharted by we living, into a new dimension, to His peaceful shore.

Then I shall dock my ship, close to those I’ve known, and close to Him, for eternity
Bathed in joy, as I await those cherished ones, who have loved and grieved for me.
Knowing that they too, shall one day, when they are called, detach their moorings and sail away,
And, there, we shall live together, in peace, with our Captain, forever and a day.


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