Richard Duvall Ward
Dr Martin Luther King Jr

e was black, mere flesh and blood, like a saint, he…
had a dream for all to be free at last, when will it be
Those of color must travel a dark and twisted path of
fear and pain, apathy, ignorance, hatred and shame.
He preached God's children will walk hand in hand...
Oh God, when will it be and where is that promise land?
People came together, marched, sang in desperate prayer
that discrimination, bigotry and hate would disappear.
Millions saw him speak & heard of his dreams & prayers,
he reached out to others as he got to Heaven's stairs.
On a motel balcony in Memphis, he was taken from us,
can there be a God, people screamed in pain and disgust
can humans, not blacks, whites, but just humans, arise
to pick up the blood smeared cross of our slain Brother
Where are those that prayed for peace with each other?
Do we close our eyes, forget what he taught & believed,
ALL are equal, under the eyes of God when conceived!
All humanity should step forward, follow and sing,
the spirit is still alive, of our beloved Dr. Martin Luther King!


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