Natalie S Wilder

ever having enough going through times that are rough knowing that there is a better way, yet afraid to take it and live it day to day. Joy and happiness must not show on the outside. Hold it! Hold it! Keep it buried on the inside. Oh no! The teeth donít show between the lips you are starting to glow too! Too! Bright blind someoneís mind you might with a ray that lights a spark to pierce every heart. Stop! Cheeks donít join in, contact too late now the eyes begin shining from within, spreading a beam so bright once to the surface the other parts join in. canít hold that in, got to let it go! But the mind says no! No! Stop! Come back inside donít expose that light someone else may learn to shine. The heart screams more! More! Let that light in so it can cleanse. When life gets tough and there is never enough seek that light that is buried on the inside wanting to get on the outside. To ignite a spark that touches every heart, which lies deep, deep in the dark. That is the life to glow in the dark.


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