Keith Ansiel
A Cowboy's Prayer
s my worn out hat and old boots of leather
Have seen better days, survived worse weather,
I’ll set them aside to bow my head…
Say a cowboy’s prayer before I turn to bed.
Lord, thank you for the stars across your sky tonight,
(as morning fulfills their glory) I wake to dawn’s light.
I know as you to a night full of prayer,
Not only from cowboys but all those who care.
After the innocent children you find time to bless,
And comforting the unanswered prayers of those who have less.
I live by your word so keep me on course,
Riding tall in the saddle on a spirited horse.
For this honest land, a helping hand, smiling.
Children that make life grand.
For family, friends, neighbors, and strangers,
Steer ‘em through harm, help keep ‘em from danger.
For my able body and willing soul,
An’ still spurring thought, you’re in control.
With the faith to endure and break the fears that I straddle,
Not every cowboy thrown gets back in the saddle.
So if I a tender heart can bridle the cowboy way,
May I remain humble to live as I pray.
An’ if ever I stumble know my spirit won’t fall…
Amen to you Lord, and GOD BLESS ALL.


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