I - Cressida
- Cressida have lived this life to a different beat
And measure than when Troillus walked this earth
And loving was our pleasure.
With Nostradamus I would stand and view in mute
Dismay the palpitating earth beneath, and watch the Milky Way.
I wonder at the things Ive seen, I wonder at the stars
I wonder at the moon that shines - at airplanes, trains and cars.
When will the great conclusion come, when will I
Know the meaning - when will I see the hand
That holds the heart beat of our being?
Id like to hear the trumpet blow, and watch the
Mountains rise - to see the perfect ONE descend -
The stars fall from the skies.
My heart cries from Eritria - for my souls lost in the battle,
God, grant Nirvana in their sleep.
And cease my endless prattle.


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