Carolina Escobar
y name is Carrie, I am only eight,
Each night Im alone, and I await,
In fear looking out the window.
I wait for him to appear,
I cower when his steps I hear,
And his eyes search me predatorily.
Why do you hate me? I plead,
Oh daddy, please love me!
I sit alone in my dark corner.

My eyes grow larger as he comes near,
Covering him is the stench of beer.
Im guessing that my fathers drunk,
Of all the most horrible luck,
Im afraid of what might happen now.
He frightens me, so Im scared to speak
I did nothing daddy, please dont hurt me!
I see his belt raised up high,
He then strikes me with all his might.
I try to be good, but I must wonder though,
Why daddy hated me so.
My name is Carrie,
And Im glad that Im now free,
Because I was eight when my daddy killed me


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