VA Gurrera
Don't I Wish
f I won the lottery
I'd hire a driver in livery
Someone with a roadmap in his head
Who'd get me where I want to go
And not canaries instead
What a joy that would be...
No stretch limo needed, just a snug,
Satisfying car
With most amenities (I don't need a bar)
I'll sit in the front to see
All that I can see;
That the driver isn't me,
Parallel park is not my responsibility
When I win the lottery
He'll drop me off at Broadway shows
And off-off Broadway too
Then there's the opera, and I want to go
See some balletic pas de deux
All this is possible, you will see
Now that I won the lottery
I could go on forever
Weaving dreams every day
But, I'll win the lottery never
Because I never play.


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