Dulcie Levene
Kith and Kin
When entertaining kith and kin I always need a double gin
I drink it just to keep me sane when listening to them all complain.

From far and wide our family span a very complicated clan
British, French, Italians too were mixed with most except Hindu…

Church of England, Catholics, Jew, clergymen and Rabbi’s too
There’s those who preach the epilogue whilst others pray in synagogue…

I daren’t write down Aunt Beck’s opinion when Sadie wed that Palestinian
The noise they made at my front door compared to an Israeli war!

They make me laugh and cry and frown and very often let me down
This fruit upon my family tree who say they all rely on me.

So that is why, please understand my drinking that’s got out of hand
And blame it on my kith and kin who I’ll stand by through thick and thin!


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