Farai Shonhiwa Madzura
Malama o ka Mahina
he smiles with her whole spirit, casting a shimmering on strands of silken hair
The childlike glow speaks in me a reaction; I cannot help but smile back at a soul so rare
Delightful in her fancies like the dyads of colorful epics
Splendid in her charm, magnetic, vibrant, and fantastic
Steadfast and bright, a being of effusive light
A firefly glowing from within, sending me reeling with delight
That which hath set my heart afire, brought my soul to seethe
Given me wings of desire without which I cannot breathe
You are the huntress of the moon, Helen of the Night
Sharp as the eagle’s talon, armed with Athena’s might
That brilliant smile can tame the cruelest heart from scorn
Fill my spirit with as much warmth as the sun does with every morn

Those deep dark eyes remove all guises, reach to the core
Past the abounding mystery, the riddles and illusions, to discover some hidden lore
There is a delicacy in her movements, strength in her quiet grace
Softness to her form that transcends all Time and Space
In journeys afar I have seen goddesses, princesses, nymphs and fair maidens of yore
However, hers is a magnificence that I have not yet seen before
And since the very day you appeared as if from my dreams
My heart has awakened, illuminated by lustrous moonbeams

This is a requiem transcribed from the heart to a dear friend
Whose boundless love you can scarcely comprehend
So my celestial angel, daughter of the midnight-blue
Remember ‘tis the moonlight I adore that shines from within you


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